Let’s Play: The art of the digital (Nov 2, 2019)

Let’s Play, The art of the digital: This weekend during Amsterdam Museumnacht young artists and designers show their digital artworks in the subway stations Weesperplein, Waterlooplein and Central Station in Amsterdam. These stations form a digital art gallery with moving and soundless artworks. Information about the art works and artists is shown using Augmented Reality.

One of our CMD students Victor Zumpolle was selected to show his work “Blokje om”! His work will be shown at the Weesperplein subway station on 2 November from 7 p.m. to 3 p.m. There will be a prize-giving ceremony for the artworks at 1:00 AM. You can vote via the Let’s Play Art Gallery app.

“Blokje om” by Victor Zumpolle

Philips Seminar: From data to meaning for people

This morning I visited the Philips seminar From data to meaning for people.
Talks on how machine to machine data can be important for people. How we can create meaning and value for consumers. Two highlights for me were: A very interesting talk on Quantified Self or self tracking by Maarten den Braber, Quantified self.  And a fantastic example of visualizing data in combination with documentary making by Joris Maltha and Daniel Gross, Catalogtree.
For everyone who missed it (two videos!):

Karin – Filterdesign

Main Guidelines and Ethical Considerations on UX

Marc Hassenzahl professor at Folkwang University in Germany explains the concept of User Experience and Experience Design in 4 videos, made available by the Interaction Design Foundation. In this post you find the video on Ethical Considerations, the attitude of the designer towards the person she is designing for. Keywords: We are all humans, Experience: why, what and how, The object and the story, Context to life, Objectivity or subjectivity, Dynamics: experience and the timeline.

Video 1: Introduction to User Experience and Experience Design
Video 2: Advice on Designing with Experience in Mind
Video 3: Main Guidelines and Ethical Considerations
Video 4: Future Directions

Karin – Filterdesign