New workshop: Qualitative Interviewing

Interviewing people about their work and live leads to insights about the structure of their work or live. These insights can be directly translated into services and products that closely match the requirements of what people want or need. From the interview we want to know how people are organized and whether they do things in the same way as another person. How people divide their work and live into activities, goals, different strategies and individual steps. At an early stage in the research or development project many details will become clear about the structure of work or live that might show several issues (in context) on any kind of subject.
Interviews within qualitative research areĀ  semi-structured and have a student-master approach; the interviewer is the student and the interviewee the master. The ultimate goal is to get the best out of the interviews through techniques such as asking the right kind of questions, observing and listening skills and to gain insights from the story people tell.

> The goal of this workshop is to get the best out of interview techniques such as composing and asking questions, observing and listening. And to acquire insights from the stories that people tell.

> The different phases are:
– Prepare an interview
– Determine roles
– The choice of participants
– Questions, composing and asking
– Listening
– Body language
– Observations
– Interviewing
– Most common mistakes during interviewing

Type of teaching: Besides the presentation there will be joint practical exercises.
Duration: One day.
Literature: During the course materials will be presented and referred to relevant literature.
Data: Date and place depend on interested people. Minimum number of participants is eight.
Costs: Participation is 325 Euros plus 21% VAT per participant. Contact us.
Language: Dutch or English

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