Participatory Street-up Innovation: Issues

Re-reading my hypothesis on the transformative potential of ‘participatory street-up innovation’ I think a few important anchors in my thought process are missing. First I have to define the term ‘innovative’, if only because  in recent years this term has become a huge hype for several branches, especially in the world of design. My idea of innovative stands for ‘ahead of the times’. In other words people can re-use products in an unobvious and contemplative way.

Second, I talk about issues without addressing how issues come into being. I think that issues mostly stem from the disruption of daily life by events out of our reach (from bad weather to war). Moreover it is in the way how people respond to the disruptive event that will create and define personal and public issues. The latter arises when large groups of people start participating on the issue. This is just a first thought on the question how public issues come into being and not an answer to the question by far.

Third, by focusing on the re-use of products I limit the findings about unobvious and contemplative ways of dealing with material circumstances too much. This is because a product might only function as a tool during the process of creativity when people create things. The re-use of products might be confined to the product itself and will show nothing about the disruptive event, issues and material circumstances I am interested about. That’s why I want to broaden the focus on the re-use of products and the things that people make to material relations and interventions. Unfortunately material relations and interventions constitute a long-term process that in the beginning might be invisible. I hope to find out how to detect the invisible material relations and interventions and subsequently making them visible. I think this would be a role for artists. (more on this later) In this creative process from invisibility to visibility their might be the trans-formative potential in street-up innovation which I wrote about earlier.

So reconsidering the hypothesis on Participatory Street-up Innovation (PSuI) the question I want to investigate is how to detect (and visualize) material relations or interventions and the issues they bring about. This is necessary to discover the ideas stemming from material participation in daily life before, during and after disruptive events. In this way I hope to gain insights on how people deal with the complexity of the world and its issues.

Karin – Filterdesign & University of Applied Science Amsterdam

Looking for European immigrants living in the Netherlands

Dear visitors of this blog,

For a research project (Tilburg University) I’m looking for European immigrants living in the Netherlands, who are willing to be interviewed about their political participation in the Netherlands. This can be both, online or offline political participation. The interview lasts an hour and you do not need to travel.
If you want to participate or want more information, you can reply to this post or go to the contact page of

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Karin van den Driesche – Filterdesign