The ‘Waiting for Vincent’ game

One of our CMD graduates of 2015, Marjolein Fennis, created an amazing game for the Van Gogh Museum. People can play the ‘Waiting for Vincent’ game while they are waiting in line in front of the museum. You can read about the game on the Lava Lab website, where Marjolein worked as an intern. Together with Lava Lab and the Van Gogh Museum Marjolein is now looking for ways to execute this project, within the framework of the new storytelling platform Flinck. Go and have a look at ‘Waiting for Vincent‘, the experience before the actual experience!


Source: Marjolein Fennis

Karin – Filterdesign & University of Applied Science Amsterdam

Golden dot award 2015

Every year CMD Amsterdam awards prizes for the best work done by their students. This year there were four categories and these are the winners, Congratulations!
Better World Award’
: ‘Vlucht voor Willy!’ (Flee from Willy) by Dylan van Sprang.
Technical Award: : Xpression Play by Ted Voorend.
P-Kings Award: SheepTogether by Jardi Kroes, Dieuwertje Okkels, Sophie Hoeboer, Jurre Visser, Merlijn Vos en Pim Jenniskens.
Creative Award: Bricky ( by Simon Dijkman, Roan Zuman, Willem Smit.

In the category ‘Better World’, first year student Dylan van Sprang won the prize for a game called ‘Vlucht voor Willy!’ (Flee from Willy). ‘Vlucht voor Willy’ is a game that lets you ‘experience’ fleeing like a refugee and triggers your thinking in an unexpected way. Try it yourself and play the game!

Karin – Filterdesign & University of Applied Science Amsterdam

Tear down workshop: useITsmartly at CMD in A’dam

Last week 11 CMD students at the applied university of Amsterdam joined in a tear down workshop in collaboration with useITsmartly. First they tore down different IT devices and household appliances to subsequently incorporate the pieces into a collage. Then using future narratives and life cycle diagramming to start a campaign with which they made their peers aware of the consequences  for the environment when using IT. The amazing results of this week; campaigns, videos and photos can be seen on the website of useITsmartly, Facebook, YouTube and twitter #‎useITsmartly‬.
Have fun watching!

2015-02-24 11.58.42

UseITSmartly “is a current project funded by IEE (‘Intelligent Energy – Europe’) aiming at capacity building towards behavioural changes in the way youths use technology. The project wants to close this gap by developing innovative solutions for capacity building in young people towards smart IT use and ideas on how to reach them with this topic.” ( The Dutch representation of useITsmartly is Duneworks from Eindhoven.

Karin – Filterdesign & University of Applied Science Amsterdam