Play the City

Last week I was invited to participate in ‘Play the City‘. ‘Play the City’ is an Amsterdam and Istanbul based city design and research organization founded by Ekim Tan: “Play the City introduces games into city-making. Seeing city games as tools of the new democracy and open citymaking. Play the City has been designing city games for various urban questions internationally.” (source: ‘Play the city’ Facebook)
Together with my colleague Rob Prass I went to Pakhuis de Zwijger, where ‘Play the City’ is located, with no specific expectations. After a very friendly welcome we first had to pick an envelope which contains our budget and some rules, next we had to carefully plan and design our area in the Almere Oosterwold project. My cooperation with Rob worked out very well, at least we thought so :-), and after we had bought and carefully positioned our roads, bridges, buildings and energy resources we evaluated what happened during the game itself.


It was very interesting to see how people worked together, made deals, supported each other, designed creative concepts and so on. However, as in real life, there were also disappointments, distrust and (friendly) break ups. After a passionate review we could only conclude that we all had a great afternoon with unexpected insights and fun! Many thanks to the people of ‘Play the City’ for their guidance and support during the (fantastic designed!) city game and the opportunity to participate!

When you’re interesting in playing the city game don’t hesitate to contact the people of ‘Play the City’. In the video a talk by Ekim Tan on the reason why she founded the ‘Play the City’ game.

Karin van den Driesche

Van gebruikersgegevens naar concepten: Co-creatie

Tijdens de interpretatie-sessie van de verzamelde gebruikersgegevens (of klantgegevens) bouwen we, het ontwikkelteam en ikzelf, gezamenlijk een aantal werkbare en abstracte modellen op. We gaan aan de slag met de uitspraken gedaan tijdens de interviews die omgezet worden in b.v. een affinity diagram of persona’s. Door samen met mijn klanten te brainstormen over de essentiĂ«le punten uit het onderzoek blijven de inhoud en de conclusies ‘beter hangen’. Waardoor het relatief kleine kwalitatieve onderzoek qua bruikbaarheid en draagwijdte enorm groeit. De analyse, werkmodellen en persona’s worden opgepakt en organisatiebreed ingezet. Hiervan profiteren alle afdelingen, of het nu gaat om nieuwe sales activiteiten opzetten, producten en diensten verbeteren, communicatie- of marketingplan aanpassen, klantenservice ondersteunen of interne werkprocessen onder de loep nemen.

Karin van den Driesche – Filterdesign