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In early 2007, I conducted design research for the Ruud de Moor Center (now Welten Institute). RdMC was a research center which focused on supporting teachers when creating educational (digital) materials. This support consisted of the development of several websites and applications, for example knowledge bases and assessment tools. As a designer I evaluated how these digital applications were experienced by their users. The approach and results of this research inspired the RdMC to incorporate a User-Centered Design process into their existing IT development method. Therefore a project was set up to accomplish this. The project was named: UCD project! and consisted of five team members; Robert, Marc, Hannelore, Kees and myself. I initiated a number of activities aiming to introduce UCD as a design method within the organization of RdMC. First I gave UCD workshops, then selected three existing IT projects that could serve as case studies to teach employees UCD techniques using on the job training and last all the results a.o. persona’s, affinity diagrams, etc., were presented and made available for all the employees at the RdMC.

Content of this blog
On this blog the results of these case studies are presented:
Case 1 Re-design of Proformas. Proformas is one of the products of RdMC and supports professionalization in teaching through formative assessments. This product scores badly on usability and is in need of a re-design.
Case 2 Development of educational material for the Knowledge Bases: the RdMC has multiple domain-specific knowledge bases. The design research will focus on getting insights on the process of developing teaching materials. This insight will be used to design the knowledge bases so that teachers can and want to work with it.
Case 3 Preparing for lessons. The design research question will focus on gaining knowledge on the teachers task; “preparing for a lesson”. These insights will inform the design process on what products or services will be needed to support this task.

On this blog projects are mixed up because they actually occur simultaneously. Have fun!


After completion of the RdMC UCD project! this blog functions as a source for art, design & research in general.

Karin van den Driesche – Filterdesign


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